The use of aromatic botanic essential oils to balance and rejuvenate the body, mind, and spirit. Helps in alleviating symptoms of illnesses. 


Chakra Balancing

Using the seven major energy centers in the context of physical ailment and emotional healing.


Color Therapy

Vibrational healing through the use of visible light spectrum colors to bring balance to all levels of being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).


Counseling (Holistic and Spiritual)

Allows for insight into potential links between an ailment in the body, state of mind, and emotional status


Guided Imagery

A powerful mind/body tool used to help heal specific ailments or disease



The most ancient form of healthcare known to mankind. Using teas, tinctures, and other natural remedies to aid in the treatment of various health conditions.


Holographic Release

Hands-off energy therapy that allows for spontaneous release of physical, mental, or emotional trauma from the body's energy centers.



Using the idea that "like cures like"  to determine the homeopathic remedies that help in enhancing the body's normal healing and self-regulatory processes


Integrative Therapy

A combination of various therapies to  meet individual needs


Natural Nutrition and Nutritional Symptomology

The process of interpreting bodily symptoms to find underlying causes and bring about nutritional balance



Stimulation of reflex points on hands and/or feet that correspond to every body part, organ, and gland. Helps alleviate health problems, stress, and balance bodily functions.



An energy technique originating from Tibet and rediscovered in Japan. It is used to facilitate healing at all levels of being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) through universal energy flow. In this practice, the practitioner acts as a clear channel for the client. 


Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese healing art, known as acupuncture without needles. Finger press is used on acupuncture points of the meridian system.


Spiritual Healing and Energy Transfer

Energetic techniques working with body ailments and emotional blocks. Long distance and self-care are also a part of this therapy.


Subtle Aromatherapy

Using the vibrational qualities of essential oils on the brain and nervous system to facilitate emotional and mental healing.